Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mental Ejac...

       I clear my throat in sign language and folks put value on their lives. My hand should not go across my throat in public. Basic. Say, I move my hand from my apple to my chin using the backside of four fingernails. There's the issue of trust. The connection between entities thrives on the strength of understanding and tolerance. Trivial fact. Trivial fact like food can not be created, but can be transformed from one form to shit to cycle a return. It is easy to pay attention. Who is sincere? Say, we gather in a frame, some standing, some sitting. All waiting for the light. Minds start journeys. There's no need to travel, no need to seek. The questions are serious and continuous. There is always a balance, everything is in equilibrium. All is in synchrony with the oblivion that is reality. Baby knows this. Say, you smile, as energy is shit and as the command says. Stay a while and you will know. Stay cool, tag label. Deluded. Stay. It is not as complex as i is. The answer to the question is a more complex question. Say, foolishness was an innovation and ignorance is bliss, who said it and who made it, are not of the same stock. Stay great fool. And you who seem to know much, stray. It is the way of the dying world. Scorn the birth. Dip it in soil. Let it stay a while. That's growth. Remember i, the junkyard of thought. The imagination. The gift from the child. The budding baby. It goes deeper. Stay. And you may get your satisfying question. Twitching right hand, like a caffeine addict. The thing, it jerks up down on it's own. It's so on now. And it's automatic when on drive. Nice huhh? And rats still stay calling cheese. Few will play along as it was foretold. The questions get more intriguing. Few. A bit deeper, and direction is fucked. The blindness meets the hunger. There is surgery, phase forged. Knock knock, Paradox it is. I have Language of thought, Illusion of free-will and Infant consciousness behind me. And I have another question before me. Information; the scary accruing knowledge. Inspiration of fear. We have crossed the limiting barricade in ignorance. Information; digital knowledge changing time. We strayed as we stayed deeper. We are. What is the fate of the infant, destiny offers no clues.
          Say, Electrons mated in the chamber of density. Hmmm, Photon! Photon! The dedicated messenger. There was light, then daylight, then lightning, then burning light, then flash light, then street lights. Say, it's all conjured, who says. Route attained. State shuffled. Accolades deposits. Gather now. Gather, I bring a truck of question marks covered in splotches of the messenger with no origin. I careless about the child. As it does in time. And i is your poison. The scare is not the subsequent question...

This, has no connection what so ever.

But this,

well, i doesn't know. You are the spectator. You are...


  1. When are u going to drop that next hot verse? You taking long mate