Monday, July 30, 2012

UT: A short story...

University Tripz: The Two Hour Relationship...

It was just a few minutes past noon and Jabbard had already marked the day off as slow and boring. He sat in the back roll waiting for the next lecture to commence, still disappointed that the first lecturer was a no-show. Jabbard was brooding over his nonchalant approach to his academics as quilt sermoned him to the notion that he should not be attending lectures without a note to jot down important points, but he shrugged off the thought knowing that that has been his way, and he would always pass his examinations at the end of each semester. Jabbard started surveying the other students in the class and noticed a drop in number, 'maybe,' he thought, 'it is related to  the absence of the first Lecturer.' Then his phone drew his complete attention with a vibration. He looked at the caller Id and read 'Fey'. Fey was Juan's 'girlfriend-number-two', although she felt she was number one and the only one. Jabbard had no personal or direct dealings with any of his friend's girls and rarely kept contact that exceeded casual courtesy with them. He had Fey's number for some undecided motives. He was watching the light of the phone gradually blink in dutiful vibration when the lecturer walked into the hall. Jabbard looked straight on and shove the phone back in his pocket where the call ceased trying to connect. After hours of theories, formulas and calculations, Jabbard had made up his mind to return the call. He pushed the call button on the previous missed call and heard a party tune on the other end, then a "hello".

Which he said "what's up" to, in confirmation of the connection.
"Please, I want to see you, there is something I want to discuss with you" came the eager reply.
Jabbard was surprised, but not really interested in seeing her, so he said "I'm in a lecture now. Tell me what you want to discuss."
"No!, when you come I'll tell you."
Jabbard instantly knew it wasn't on the same page of importance as life and death. He said in concluding reply "when I'm through with my lectures today, I may call."
The next lecturer disseminated his potpourri of confusion and left fifteen minutes sooner than scheduled according to the lecture time-table. Jabbard idled about with his colleagues exchanging banter until little past four when he decided to call Fey and tell her that he would not make it. He was exhausted since he had reached his daily limit of stranneous mental activities. All he desired was beer and some relaxing pasttime that had nothing to do with Engineering. Fey would not take no for an answer, so she decided to bribe Jabbard by saying "I have a friend that wants to meet you." Jabbard was grabbed by his sensitive parts and fell off the fence towards Fey's favour. He asked for thirty minutes and could hear her cheerful smile over the phone. He went to off campus in fulfilment of the new adventure but he was in no hurry. He stopped briefly at his room to have a bite of his leftover breakfast and then looked into his face in the mirror. Jabbard was wearing a button up shirt and a pair of jeans, which he refused to change because he still felt good and fresh in them. He told his roommate that he may have someone over, so that he could have the room to himself when it became neccesary. Jabbard proceeded with the next stage of his adventure. When he got to Fey's place, which was some ten minutes away, she was not in. He called her up on her cell, but she didn't pick it. Then suddenly, she emerged from an adjacent building all jumpy and smiley. She signalled Jabbard to come over with a wave of her hand. Jabbard was a bit bothered by her level of happiness and the genuineness of her tender hug. She was some inches shorter than he was and had flesh in all the right places. Fey had a larger than average bossom and was a good hug anytime. Jabbard stepped back, looked at her in her short skirt and hanging top and asked her what she wanted to discuss. Fey forged a frown, not liking the fact that Jabbard went straight to the business at hand and said "Come in, I am with some of my friends here."
Jabbard said "okay!" and followed her, being careful not to be caught staring at her rolling beauty. They entered a room crowded with four skimpily dressed ladies in their elements not really caring about Jabbard's presence. Jabbard said "Hello" and sat in the nearest seat. He decided to mentally make a selection, just in case he was asked to later. One was braiding another's hair while the third one was cooking, she kept going into the kitchen. Fey and the last one were having a talk in the local dialect. Jabbard was not comfortable with this company, so he busied himself with his phone, deleting messages and contacts that were no longer in touch. After some minutes, he excused himself and went outside to escape the girlie noise and ambience. He called Fey out to join him. Eager to know why he was there, he asked her "what's up?"
She said "Sorry!, there's something about Juan I want to ask you. I am coming, let's go to my place."
She went back in and came out again with her keys and said "let's go!"
They walked back to the other buillding. Her room was colder and had little light, just comfy for Jabbard's present state of mind, he sat back on the bed and waited for the discussion to start.
She sat beside Him in a trusting manner and wore an expression of worry and spoke the words; "I think Juan is cheating on me, and I don't know what to do. You are his close friend so I want confide in you and hope you tell me if there is anything to worry about."
Jabbard urged her on with a simple "okay!" as he was actually being entertained by the conversation.
"I called him last week and a lady answered is phone. She had the guts to ask me who I was. When I asked Juan, he said that he left his phone in a friend's room and he didn't know who picked the call. He said if he finds out, he will tell me. But I suspect there is someone else. Did he leave his phone in your room?"
Jabbard thought of the most neutral harmless answer to give, he had not seen Juan in a month, so he said "no". Jabbard know that Juan had a serious relationship with someone else, buy Fey would not get that information out of him. He wouldn't do that to his friend especially as he met Fey through Juan. First come first favoured and 'ladies first' is disagreeable.
Jabbard listened to all Fey's complains and offered general advice that seemed like he was on her side, when he was actually being as careful and subtle as possible. Fey realised that she was not making any discoveries when one of her friends walked into the room. Fey introduced her friend as "Lorha" and introduced Jabbard as "Juan's friend". Fey went to take a bath leaving Jabbard and Lorha together. Jabbard instintively knew that this was the 'friend' that wanted to meet him. She was dark, tall and sexy. Jabbard told her to sit, pointing to the bed where Fey just left. It was almost five thirty and Jabbard was a flirt anytime of the day. He intrigued her with his witty slow talk, stories and some accurate guesses about her life. Jabbard was not in the thinking mood, he was all about action. He leaned forward and attempted to kiss her after weighing their level of familiarity. Lorha accepted the kiss and returned it succulently. Jabbard withdrew after some seconds to examine the face of his price for being courageous and saw a cute shy smile that wanted more. Jabbard went in for another kiss. The kiss grew into a smooch and would have grown into something more gratifying if Fey had not returned from the bath. Fey looked at her friends and felt proud that she matched them. Jabbard was already in the mood and Fey could wreck the feeling with her presence.
Jabbard looked into Lorha's eyes and said "let's go to my place!" which was a question in diguise. Lorha said "okay" adjusting her blouse to order. They didn't speak on the way there except when Lorha asked "is your place still far?" Jabbard knew then that she wanted it even more than He did and pointed to his compound. Jabbard had sent a text to his roommate, he didn't want any delay at the den. Jabbard walked passed his roommate at the entrance of the building and without words, they exchanged a knowing look. Jabbard unlocked the door of his room and gave way so Lorha could get in. He finished securing the door and turned around to meet a naked lady. He led her to the bed where their sexual passions melted into satifaction in euphoria reigning for forty minutes. Lorha was the happier of the two and she just wanted to lay there in the nude and talk. Jabbard wanted a beer and didn't know how to leave without making a selfish impression. He knew his leaving the room meant she had to go. Lorha was so engulfed in her talk that she didn't notice how quiet and absent minded her partner had become.
Luckily, Jabbard's phone rang. He picked the call with a sincere apology on how he forgot about the meeting and asked the rhetorical question "they are still waiting for me?" like he was repeating what was said. He then requested for twenty minutes and hung up. Jabbard looked at a puzzled Lorha and carefully explained his need to go and fulfil an obligatory duty. They left the room five minutes later and Jabbard paid her fare when they got a cab. Jabbard actually had a place to be, but it was not as urgent or important as he made it sound. Jabbard was still en route a while after leaving Lorha when his phone rang. It was a number that was not on his contact list. He picked the call and heard a feminine voice say "hello, it's Lorha. I got your number from Fey." Jabbard was already smiling and remained so when he heard her confess; "I still don't know your name."