Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quoting Campers...

He said: "you see this line wey bend, go join the back".
She said: "give me five minutes".
She said: "please help me send a text".
He said: "I dey play hockey for that polo club".
She said: "which command?"
He said: "if you package that racket later, abeg halla me".
She said: "what should I do?"
He said: "do you think they will just paint their arses for you to use as a target?"
He said: "where my condom?"
He said: "this guy too dey reason".
He said: "you are a leader".
She said: "why did you push me?"
She said: "you think too much, my mother said I should avoid people like you".
She said: "you are just being modest".
He said: "this Dj dey kill me".
He said: "before you go, spit some bars".
She said: "what do you think I should do?"
He said: "are you well?"
She said: "he is too cool not to be on drugs".
He said: "I dey watch you".
She said: "(in yoruba) it's been a while I've known your type".
She all said: "is that your girlfriend?"
She said: "my daughter is fine, na only you care about her".
She said: "I'm dancing in my room right now".
He said: "ATBU, we always stand out".
He said: "you people have been here for almost an hour".
She said: "abi don't you think so?"
She said: "please take pictures of me serving".
He said: "I mean, I don't know how these people think".
She said: "let me kiss your shirt here".
She said: "you might be a wierdo".
He said: "sit down there and remove that jeans".
She said: "you are always alone".
He said: "do like this".
He said: "do you know me?"
She said: "I will say what you said, there's nothing I can't do".
She said: "no dry am for there".
She said: "I don't eat melon".
He said: "ten over ten, how far?"


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