Monday, March 5, 2012

On behalf of...

On behalf of (dem no send me sha!, but I know most of them have it in mind) the graduated EE class of 2011, their mates and all students; EE or not (computer, physics and other levels…) that benefitted from your influence as ‘class rep’, I like to use this medium to say ‘Thank You’.
People may think I joke a lot, but I was serious when I was asking to be class rep. deep down, I know am lucky nobody really pushed for it ‘cos I don’t think I’d have been able to cope with people asking irrelevant questions, coming to my room at any time (interrupting my jacking), bothering me abt scripts, lectures and tests times etc. lecturers telling me to fix time and go against other lecturers and I am sure I won’t have had everybody’s academic affairs at heart to the extent of asking around for their phone numbers then calling or texting them individually to inform them what’s wrong, what’s up and which lecturer to meet (no be me at all). All those walks up and down (to drop notes, lobby for the class, meet lecturers…), costs incurred, stress which only you suffered but we all enjoyed the outcome of and those which I cldn’t perceive by mere looking (believe me, I observe a lot. Sometimes I look at the class members during lectures, tests, even exams and I cld tell how far gone some of us were in stress-land). And I am sure I wouldn’t have been able keep up with my studies (me wey my mind don comot from that sch tey tey, my body just bin dey autopilot) and top the class the way you did (first class no be one pot of beans).
Guy, you try no be small.
The koko is that some of us might have not graduated without your influence (or if I was the class rep).
You are much appreciated.
PS: I implore anybody reading this and that has been affected by Chukwuemeka Ayoele Emezue, the 360o guy’s character to thank him too. It’s not everybody that can make such sacrifices for other and still persevere.
One more time THANK YOU…

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