Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Retro '11

As with every other year that come and come, 2011 had its share of change in my personal time-space continuum (I like that word, it sounds like what Autobots call their love juices. A flick could be titled “Megatron the Continuum Lord and The Ford Escorts”. Na so I take forget wetin I been dey write) and the specs that marked it are outlined below.
Quote of the year: Man wey no hey drink na body heat e dey cause - by Nurse (Nurse Ify or Ifeellgood). Her explanation being that we are more relaxed and tolerable when less conscious. Nurse was my Neighbour when I was in school. Group of my friends invited me for a mountain-hike trip, so I geared up and my mentor was going so we were set. Then Nurse said she will go. Short of the talk is that we were sampling Kasapreso fluid on the return and the talk talked.
Personality of the year: Kofi Yeaboh. When I grow up, I want to be like an older me. If that’s too much to ask then I’ll be Foki (believe me, it is not because of the assets, largess, charity and stuff that come with being Foki, but I’ll take those too).
Moment of the year: A ride on a bike after my very last paper at the speed of "jump the fuck off".
Trips of the year: I was taking a late night stroll, planning the night because it was just 11pm. I hit the light bulb when the venom rocked the nervous system. Thinkers block. The rest was trippy.
Lowest Low: ... (these three dots signify thinking for seven good minutes) since I can't remember, that means I wasn't depressed a bit. Not by a test score, a turn down, a stand up, I don't quarrel, not even when Yellow said to me "even if you are stupid, are you deaf?". I wasn't angered or depressed once that year (even when I threaten the mofo for not keeping to time). Nice. Like NZT48, it was just clear.
Song of the year: Only One - by STS (after You just mad by El-MaYe and La Penguina Loco). But highest play count goes to Birthday by Kings of Leon.
Album of the year: Pharoh Monche’s W.A.R (We Are Renegades).
Rapper of the year: Phonte
Producer of the year: 9thh 9thh (9th Wonder)
Movie of the year: Suckerpunch
Book of the year: This year saw a down turn in my reading culture. Two years ago, I read about ten books. Last year, it was about twelve. This year, I decided to take a break ‘cos of my project and graduation fever. So I didn’t even read three books completely. No Stephen Hawkin. No John D. Barrow. No poetry and of course no fiction. So I’ll give it to a throwback. The Wizard of Oz.
Show of the year: Southpark
Influence of the year: Hip-hop
Best buy: Melons. Yes that red seedy fruit thingy. Watermelon. I bought one or more anytime I went visiting friends and family. It was surprisingly well appreciated, not just by the kids.
Software of the year: Mobipocket Reader. Geek to the core? Nah!, just freaky. This is a cool software. When I didn’t have shit to read on the programming course, I downloaded a relevant pdf file, converted it with SPQTRII (my Laptop) using Mobipocket reader and sent it to my phone and read it using the phone version of Mobipocket reader. It is safe to say I read for a course on my phone. Cool huh? When dudes were carrying bags to class to jack, I just whip out my phone (my java phone), put my feet on the table and read away...