Monday, August 29, 2011

Lyrics to "You just mad(next round freestyle)" by El-maye ft. La Penguina Loco

Flex things first, I flex my vocal muscles
Mic check 1 2 strategy, no rumbles
As my night sins flows over terrazzo
I concoct images of monday paroles
I stay fresh, face freckled, representin
this badt sharp guy, I present you a villain
Moves deadly telepathic, words lyrical venom
My blade's bad, chop chop stop not last gee down
300 ninja assasins kill bill,
directed by the duo of megatron and spartacus
But I be in the realm of words, high wire stunts,
focus dawg you in dire need of this monologue
One foot in one foot out, no progress made
That five o'clock shadow confirms your fade
Just for effect I throw my scepter, levitate,
then I flame immortal combat this is mental raidin'
Knee and kiss the ring my finger's irish
Mantra for your head chakra good blessings
Every dissappointment is destiny's blemish
Out of confusion forth birth this blessing
I rapidly stampede thought, provoke game,
trigger stuffs engraved in time by the corner where
eye sight loses angle in dimensions science can't figure
On your marks set blast off another assault
If you timid like my Ghanian friends, please
can y'all wait behind it's bout to get rowdy up in here.
Typical realness condensing within
My track's a path untravelled by most
I take that chance waveshock over the coast
Head low humble, eye up alert
Its never being easier, its never being done
You can't pick your teeth with arms akimbo
Wanna pick a bone with me? nightmare on every street
Ceberus vicious emit petrifying essence
I watch you melt like wet witches
This wizardry is beyond fiction, fables are fatal
Like dreams off broken bridges, don't slip on this
I drop it down, water to drown
My will's a contract between control and speed
So I get it on time like I rode on M strapped to E
tending towards Bismillah,
That's if you read word like I write em
You seek knowledge like an empty manuscript
I seek attention like a fallen kid
What I scribe is the origin, B.M.E a jedi force
I could get you trapped in abstract lines
I paint you a gruesome picture, listen first
I give you life, my ink is green, dance of the pen
Flex things first, flex things in the end
I flex things first, so I flex in the end

(La Peguina Loco: Bridge)
you just mad cos' your ass is old (x3)
ha! ha!
you just mad!!!!

...... Break time...

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